JL was founded in 1992 by Nanang Maramurti and Joan Linthorst. Ten years before the start of JL, Nanang was learning the crafts of leather in Yogyakarta. After his marriage with the Dutch entrepreneur Joan, they founded JL.

JL today

These days JL is an atelier and a shop. Design and craft are united at this location. In the atelier leather products are designed and created. In the shop we sell the JL collection.


Ever since the start of JL, they have worked for a high quality leather product. A leather product that is made with environmentally friendly products and that is created in good working conditions in a healthy working environment. They are however also realists and do realize that all the good they do is only possible with the sales of high quality leather products.

Natural basics

JL produces leather products made from natural basics. The leather is cleaned with salt (not with chromium). Salt does not harm the Indonesian environment or the health of the people who clean the leather. Also the dyes used to colour the leather is lead free and cotton yarn is used to sow the products.

Healthy work place

To JL it’s not only important the environment is spared also the shop and atelier are healthy work places. Our craftsmen are paid fair wages and receive several other benefits such as healthcare, pension benefit, vacation days, pregnant leave and child support. Our atelier is open 7 days a week however our craftsmen work 5 days and have 2 days leave.


10% of the net proceeds of JL is used to support projects in or in the neighbourhood of Yogya. ‘Projects’ gives you more details on the sort of projects plus the projects that we’ve supported over the years.